Photostream is an innovative and versatile tool with many features.

Photostream is first of all a call to action tool able to collect in real-time all the pictures published on Twitter and Instagram with specific hashtag(s) and to post them on a dynamic web wall: an ever-changing mosaic of images representing the topic or the event in a very captivating way. Photostream combines the different perspectives and point of views of the people involved in the topic or the event, making them protagonists in telling a big shared story.

But Photostream is also a very important tool to analyze the user experience of customers when they are using or consuming a product or when attending an event. The pictures, spontaneously shared on the web, open a window on their approach to the product, their habits and preferences, often triggering ideas on new partnerships, graphic or packaging restyling, and new business. The dashboard of Photostream also allows the activities of the users to be monitored, not only identifying the most loyal, the most active (the ones sharing the most content), and the ones having the most followers, but also by extracting information included in the images such as brand, environment in which the photograph is taken, sex, ages, and mood.

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SXSW Austin 2018

That’s a wrap on the 2017 SXSW Conference & Festivals! We are so pleased to have shared another incredible event with all theparticipants, crew, staff, volunteers, artists, speakers, filmmakers, and the wonderful folks of our hometown, Austin, TX.

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